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What is Solar Power?

What is Solar Power

Compared to some other sources of energy, solar power is relatively new. However, in a very short period of time the uses and the advantages of solar power have been demonstrated to the energy-using public so clearly that solar power is likely to become the single most important source of energy in the very near future.

Renewable Resource

One of the most appealing advantages of solar power is that it’s a renewable resource, meaning that unlike fossil fuels for instance, there is a virtually limitless supply of it which can be used as a source of energy. While there may be several hours or even several days where the sun does not appear, sunshine in general will be available far longer than any other source on the planet.

Inexpensive Energy Source

The cost of solar power also makes it a very attractive source of energy. After solar panels have been installed on a home or a commercial building, there is no cost for the ongoing supply of solar energy. In stark contrast to other energy supplies, solar energy is 100% free, because it is not dispensed by any utility company.

In this same vein, there is little or no maintenance required on solar cells, because there are no moving parts to break down, and no components that require lubrication. This ensures that solar cells will last a very long time without having to be replaced.

Solar Power is ‘Green’

Another of the advantages of solar power is that it’s a ‘green’ energy source, being very much in harmony with the environment. While other energy sources must be extracted from the earth, or must be generated by means of huge power plants, solar panels comfortably fit on the roof of any home, or alongside it. Solar power is also not harmful to the environment in any way – it emits no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, it does not interfere with local ecosystems, and there is never a danger of accidental spills, which can cause costly cleanups and extraordinary damage to the environment and local wildlife.

Investment Appeal

The appeal of a solar powered home makes it a good investment for any buyer, and it also adds to the resale value of the home when it comes time to purchase another home. Since utility bills are considerably lower with a solar powered home, it becomes an attractive investment for prospective home buyers, who don’t have to worry about whether energy costs will rise in the future.

Is Solar Power Right for You?

Clearly, solar power has some tremendous advantages over rival energy sources, and just as obviously its importance in the world of energy will continue to grow in the coming years. Don’t keep wondering if solar power might be the best solution for your home energy needs – contact a local solar energy power outlet and setup an evaluation of your home. It might be one of the best decisions you make for your household!

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