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Solar Power Calculator

Solar Power Calculator

The solar power calculator is the name given to a process that calculates a number of important things for consumers who are considering going solar with their energy source. The purpose of the solar power calculator exercise is to determine some of the metrics relative to power generation and power consumption. This in turn, helps to determine the feasibility of the system, and whether or not it makes good economic sense to go through with the undertaking.

Here are some of the most useful metrics associated with the solar power calculator, and why they are important to know before making the decision to go solar.

Size of the System

How big should your solar power system be in order to generate all the electrical needs of the household? The important figures to know here are how much energy is consumed on a monthly basis by the number of occupants in the household, compared to the power output generated by a specific solar energy system.

Roof Accommodation

Given the power output needs identified in the previous step, can a solar power system of that size fit adequately on the roof of the home or office building where is to be installed? If not, is there adjacent space nearby, where solar panels could alternately be installed and oriented in the proper direction?

Cost of a Solar System

How much does the solar power system identified above cost for a full installation? This includes all the products like solar panels, cabling, battery, and anchors, as well as the cost of labor for the installation, calculated at their present rates.

Return on Investment

What will the return on investment be if the above system is actually installed and used as the primary energy source? How long will it take for the savings realized by not paying a utility bill to offset the total cost incurred for products and labor during installation of the brand-new system?

Offsetting Incentives

Are there any governmental incentives, solar rebates, or tax credits being offered by local or federal agencies which might be encouraging installation of solar power products? Some of these rebates and incentives can be significant, and are legitimately worth investigating as a means of defraying the cost of a system installation.

Creative Financing

Can the new solar power system be installed on the basis of a zero-down lease or some other financial product that will basically be paid by the money saved on utility bills? Shopping around can be a real money-saver. There are some lending institutions, which offer some very creative ways of financing solar system installations without incurring a huge payback down the line.

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