Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar power is an ideal way of producing electricity for use by homeowners and businesses, because it relies only on sunlight as its source. Since solar power is unlimited, it is the ultimate renewable source, and because the process used to convert sunlight into electricity is completely clean, no harm whatsoever is done to the environment.

In a solar power system, photovoltaic cells convert the rays of the sun into usable electricity. The photons of light in sun rays are used to excite the electrons in silicon cells embedded in the solar panels of the system, and the resulting current of electrons becomes electricity, which can power homes and businesses.

If the sun’s rays were to be properly harvested, all the energy needs of homes and businesses on planet earth could easily be satisfied. Even on days when the sun does not shine, energy stored in the batteries of a solar panel system can provide the electricity needed by a consumer of energy, and since the sun shines everywhere on earth, there is no location so remote that it cannot take advantage of solar energy.

Every state in America, as well as the federal government itself, now offers incentives to homeowners and companies for installing solar panel systems, because all these bodies recognize the tremendous value offered by solar energy. Most states even have a mandate in place to transition toward renewable energy sources like solar power in the coming decades.

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