Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Almost everyone has seen solar panels on rooftops, or configured in arrays that fill up a field, and even on television, where satellites are depicted with solar panels gathering in sunlight for conversion to electricity. The fact that these solar panels are literally to be found everywhere hints at the tremendous benefit they provide to mankind, as well as their flexibility and ease of installation. Read about portable solar panels.

The benefits provided by solar panels stem from the fact that they have the ability to transform the sun’s rays into electricity, which can be used by homes and businesses everywhere to power all their appliances and equipment. Compared to other methods of generating electricity, solar panels are vastly superior in that they are noiseless, they produce no harmful gases, and they use a renewable source of energy in their production process.

Embedded in solar panels are photovoltaic cells, which accomplish the actual conversion of sunlight into usable electricity, and when many photovoltaic cells are configured together, they make up a solar photovoltaic system, or a solar panel. At present, a really efficient solar panel can convert approximately 15-20% of the sun’s rays it receives into electricity, and in the future this percentage is certain to rise as technology improves.

Solar panels already provide an amazing service to mankind, and in the future, that service will undoubtedly become far more impressive – which makes them one of the most important technologies in the world.

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