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Sunrun operates the second largest subset of residential systems in America. They are a household name that pioneered the solar lease program. If you’re interested in getting solar installed on your home but don’t want to pay for the system SunRun is a wonderful pick. The highly experienced team has helped more than 100,000 customers in 15 states. Headquartered in San Francisco, California and founded in 2007, Sunrun was developed with a focus on home solar power installation, financing, and leasing. Sunrun pioneered the use of solar as a service for residential customers, and in some states offers customers either a lease or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) business model. This allows homeowners to pay for the electricity that their solar panels produce while not having to buy the solar panels outright. Sunrun has a number of service packages. The BrightSave option lets a customer lease a solar system for their residence, while the BrightBuy option allows a customer to directly purchase a system from Sunrun. BrightAdvantage allows a customer to finance their system through a loan. It relies on a network of installers to take care of the work, but all consultants are managed by the company itself.

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About Sunrun Solar Panels


SolutionsSunrun offers solar panels for residences only.
Guarantees System PerformanceSunrun offers a no-hassle, no-worry insurance, guarantee that your home solar power system will work the way it should for the next 20 years. If something goes wrong, they fix it. If something is defective, they replace it. If your system doesn’t produce what they say it will, they will even pay you back. It’s one of the best guarantees in the industry.
Real Time Monitoring24/7 access to Sunrun’s expert customer care team and a private solar portal where you can check out your solar production performance.
InstallationYes, after your permit is granted, Sunrun will get to work placing those gorgeous new panels on the roof! Installation Time: 2-5 days.
Customer SupportYes, Lifetime customer support is available for Sunrun customers.
Solar Panel BrandsSunrun uses a mix of domestic and imported solar panels in their systems.
Customize SystemYes, they offer specialized consultations for each home.
Complimentary MaintenanceYes, check with provider.
Multiple Plan Payment OptionsYes, check with provider.
States CoveredArizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Sunrun Headquarters

595 Market Street, 29th floor,
San Francisco, CA 94105,
1 (855) 478-6786

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Learn the basics about solar energy, what it is, the main benefits, and how solar photovoltaic systems work as well as other common questions. The list below will help you in the process of finding the right solar provider in your area.

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