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Solar Panel Companies Overview

Though solar power makes up only a small percentage of worldwide energy production, the dramatic drop in solar panels prices, the pressing need for alternative energies, and the proliferation of many new solar companies has made solar an affordable option for households. In fact, solar panels prices are over 100 times lower, currently as low as $0.70 per watt, than in 1977 when the price was $76.67 per watt.

How to Install Solar Panels

If you’re looking to make a long-lasting and stable investment, look no further than solar panels. Solar panels can be acquired for less than $10,000 and offer long-term savings that far surpass the initial investment. Enough solar projects now exist to power over 3 million homes – here are some of the major players who could make your home one of them.

Types of Solar Companies

There’s a wide array of solar companies and solar panel companies currently available, some taking care of only specific manufacturing or consulting while others are full service.

This company is the “second largest fleet of residential solar energy systems” with over 100,000 solar customers in fifteen states. Sunrun was founded in 2007, and their main offices are located in San Francisco, California. Their main target are the residential customers.

Vivint Solar
Specializing in residential and commercial needs, Vivint Solar is another top provider of solar installation. Though they install and lease products and sell components, they have no manufacturing branch of their own.

SolarCity is another one of the larger residential solar installation companies you’ll run into on the market. Particularly known for their impressive manufacturing devision, they are one of the top choices for installation and financing in your home or business.

Sungevity pioneered solar leasing and have become particularly apt as bringing solar options to underserved areas via satellite distribution and installation companies. Their leasing and financing policies have made them a hit in residential and business solar.

Verengo Solar
In the US, Verengo Solar is one of the top 3 residential solar installing companies, with over 12,000 solar units installed. They focus on residential and are great for those beginning to explore solar lifestyles.

One of the solar panels companies that’s focused on both manufacturing and installation of equipment, SunPower has primarily focused on the residential market, though it still has a strong commercial branch. They have everything from small DIY projects to large installations.

Solar World USA
With over 40 years experience in solar panels manufacturing you can trust Solar World USA; their track record in solar-technology and service speaks for itself. One of the largest solar producers in the world they offer top performance and a solid environmental track record.

Trinity Solar
A leader of system design and integration in the Northeast, Trinity Solar has become of the top ten solar providers in the nation. You’ll find them high-performing, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible.

How To Choose a Solar Company

Which solar company you choose depends on your level of familiarity with solar in general. You need to consider financing options, system ownership, the cost/savings of the investment, and the quality of the equipment. You’ll also want to think about additional services, such as warranty and maintenance, as well as the company’s customer service policies.

Becoming more environmentally friendly and saving money at the same time – Who wouldn’t want that? You can take the next steps towards solar power today.

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