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Solar in Hawaii

While there are actually several different climate types which prevail throughout the length of the Hawaiian Islands, all of them receive abundant sunshine, which makes Hawaii an ideal location for the installation of electricity-generating solar panels. This fact has not been lost on Islanders, and already Hawaii ranks 7th in the U.S. in terms of installed solar systems, which accounts for well over 100,000 homes in the state being powered by solar panels.

Solar in Hawaii

Hawaii’s Electrical Rates

According to most statistics, Hawaii leads the nation in high electrical rates, which means that utility bills are through the roof for most residents and business owners on the islands. Going solar would instantly allow you to realize a huge savings on monthly utility bills, and free up money which could be better spent elsewhere.

The practical effect of this is that a solar-powered system pays for itself faster in Hawaii than in any other state in the Union, so the cost of installation is quickly negated by the ongoing benefits from energy savings. Businessmen especially will be able to appreciate the appeal of a rapid and massive return on investment, and this is exactly what can be expected from a solar panel installation.

Incentives for going solar

Hawaii provides strong state tax credits for solar panel installation currently, although the state legislature has been rather slow to enact other incentives for going solar. The federal government also offers significant tax credits, and when combined with the state offerings, this can amount to significant value.

Options for going solar

Like in most states, there are several options available for going solar in Hawaii. Leasing a solar powered system is not quite as advantageous here as it is in other states, due to the outrageously high cost of electricity, but for the same reason, purchasing a system in Hawaii may be more beneficial here than anywhere else. Once your initial outlay has been recovered through savings on the monthly utility bill, you’ll have minuscule annual costs for the most efficient method of electricity generation available.

Join in on the savings

Hawaii is one of the most ideal states in the country for installing solar panels because of the near-constant supply of sunshine. With this kind of availability, a solar-powered system can be generating electricity almost any time except nightfall, so it’s not only a convenient but very efficient way of producing power. Call your local Hawaiian solar power provider, and consult about the best way to get your home or business supplied with a solar panel system. You’ll love seeing those utility bills plummet!

Want to lower your energy costs?

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