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Solar in Colorado

Solar in Colorado

Colorado at the Forefront of Renewable Energy

Colorado as a state is fully behind the movement to adopt renewable energy sources for electricity consumption by consumers. As early as 2004, the state citizenry had voted to enact the very first Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, which established a target goal of generating 30% of the state’s electricity through renewable sources, e.g. wind power and solar power, by the year 2020.

When that mandate was challenged in 2015, both Colorado and the Federal courts rejected the challenge, leaving in place the admirable renewable energy target. With the backing of both state and Federal governments, residences and businesses switching to solar power can expect significant rebates and incentives for going solar.

Incentives and Rebates Aplenty

At present, the majority of energy consumed in Colorado comes from burning coal, and that’s one reason why the state’s legislators adopted the standard to move toward a cleaner, more renewable energy source. Every single home or business that moves away from coal power in the direction of sun power, is one more move toward going green and encouraging a sustainable environment.

Electricity rates in Colorado have been soaring in recent years too, and like energy costs everywhere, that trend is very likely to continue. The only way to buck that trend is to have a source of energy that costs virtually nothing – solar power. After solar panels have been installed at your home or business, the only ongoing cost is for maintenance of the system, which is traditionally very low. With the assistance available from various levels of government, even the installation costs can be drastically reduced or eliminated altogether.

More Options

There are also leasing options available which can avoid installation costs, and instead offer free installation by utility companies, with a monthly utility bill that is generally about one third of what your current utility bill would otherwise be in Colorado.

It should be apparent from all this that there are quite a few options available to the typical homeowner or business owner for going solar, and that there are quite a few advantages to doing so. Since there aren’t any good reasons for avoiding the switch to solar, it really is the common sense solution as a modern energy source.

Don’t pay another high utility bill, without checking with our local solar providers to find the best option for implementing solar power at your residence or business.

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