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Solar in California

Solar in California

Reasons for Going Solar

There are a ton of reasons for going solar in California, the first of which is the superabundance of sunshine in the state. Most areas of California statistically receive more sunshine than the vast majority of other states in the country, so there is a virtually supply of sunshine available for conversion into electricity.

By extension, the prevalence of sunshine also provides warm to hot temperatures for much of the year, and to keep cool during all that warmth, a fair amount of energy is needed to power air-conditioners. That’s one big reason why utility bills are sky high for many residences and businesses within the state, excepting those which have already made the switch to solar power.

More than 2 1/2 million homes in the state of California have already implemented solar power as their energy source of choice, and more are making the switch every day of the year. Since 1975 the cost of electricity in the state has more than quadrupled, and that trend is far likelier to continue upward rather than to experience any reversal. By contrast, after a solar power system is installed at your home or business, the monthly cost of electricity is virtually nil, because it’s provided by the sun.

Using Yellow Means going Green

All of us should be concerned about the environment, and preserving Earth’s natural resources to promote a sustainable habitat for plant and animal populations. Going green with solar power is one way each of us can do our part, because solar energy is both clean and renewable, it has a much lower carbon footprint, and it does not deplete any of our natural resources.

California is also one of the better states in the Union for providing rebates and incentives to help reduce the cost of solar panel installation. Various cities throughout the state offer incentives for going solar, as does the state itself. The federal government offers tax credits for installing solar panel systems, as a means of encouraging homeowners and businessmen all around the country to go solar.

The Common Sense Solution

As mentioned above, there any number of reasons for going solar and saving money on energy bills, and with the financial assistance available at various levels of government, there really aren’t any good reasons for not making the switch.

Before you pay even one more high utility bill, start by checking-in with our preferred list of California’s top solar providers about a system that would work for you, and research what kind of aid you might be eligible for.

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