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Solar in Arizona

Solar in Arizona

Forecast: Sunny and Hot

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), four of the top 10 sunniest cities in America are in Arizona, with the likelihood of sunshine on any given day ranging between 78% and 90% for those cities. Some of those same cities rank in the top 10 for routinely having the hottest temperatures in the country as well.

Taken together, these facts indicate that the state of Arizona just might be one of the very best places in the United States to have a system of solar panels installed for the generation of electricity. Because of the abundant sunshine, the collection of solar rays and their conversion into usable electricity might be easier here then anywhere else in the country.

High Electricity Bills

Since Arizona is so generally hot, that means that air-conditioners are pretty much in constant use, at least during the daytime, which calls for very high usage of electricity. With electricity being consumed at such rates, utility bills can easily soar for both businesses and residences in the state. The smart way to handle this kind of electricity usage without breaking the bank on the family budget or the company utility budget, is to make use of the only free source of electricity, solar energy. After installation costs, utility bills are virtually nil in Arizona when electricity is supplied by a system of solar panels.

Solar Energy Systems just Make More Sense

People who might be deterred by the fact that installation costs can be high, should not let this dissuade them from making solar their energy source of choice. There are some well-established rebate programs in the state which can help to defray installation those costs considerably, and there are even federal incentives available which can further reduce the initial outlay for any consumer considering a solar energy system.

With all this assistance and encouragement available, there is simply no reason to avoid jumping on the solar bandwagon, and start saving money on energy bills. Thousands of Arizonians have already seen the light, and have begun to save money on energy usage by converting to solar energy systems.

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