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The Most Common Solar Myths

There’s a lot of buzz these days about solar energy, with many homeowners and businesses attracted by some of the known advantages of solar power. Along with all the conversation, a great many misunderstandings and myths have emerged to swirl around the whole solar energy concept. This discussion will identify and attempt to debunk or offer support for some of the most popular of these myths.

Solar Myths

Solar energy doesn’t work in cloudy areas
The fact of the matter is solar panels can work just fine even on cloudy days or in fog. In addition, solar panels actually work better at cooler temperatures than at hot temperatures. As one great example, solar panels from foggy San Francisco rooftops generate only one percent less electricity than rooftop panels from nearby Sacramento, where the weather is more or less constantly sunny and hot. Learn more about solar in your state.

It will be advantageous to wait until solar power becomes more efficient
While breakthroughs are always possible, the present solar technology is virtually the same as it was back in the 1960s, with only a modest improvement. If you’re really considering solar power, current government incentives make it advantageous to install now.

Excess solar power can be stored in batteries
This is actually true to some extent, although batteries are expensive and must be replaced every 5 to 10 years. In practice, when additional energy is needed, it is almost always supplied by to the local utility company.

Solar panels require maintenance
No actual maintenance is required by solar panels because they have no moving parts. They don’t really even need to be cleaned off, since ordinary rainwater will accomplish that for you. Unusual circumstances like fallen tree branches need to be handled promptly however, to avoid a reduction in solar panel collection efficiency.

The weight of solar panels will damage my roof
The truth is just the opposite – solar panels actually protect the part of the roof they rest upon. In reality, most solar panels aren’t even directly attached to the roof, but to some type of mounted railing system instead. It is also still possible to access any section of the roof beneath a solar panel if it has sustained weather damage, since solar panels can be removed fairly easily.

Solar power doesn’t pay for itself
The big knock against solar power is the installation cost of a solar power system, but this can be virtually eliminated by taking advantage of government subsidies, and if none are available, by obtaining financing. Solar power is actually one of the very few purchases a homeowner or business owner can make which does pay for itself.

Solar panels will look ugly on my roof
Whole groups of people are now viewing solar panels in a completely different light, for instance homeowners associations which once decried the solar panel look on rooftops, now are wholeheartedly supporting them. For anyone still turned off by the appearance of solar panels, they are currently being marketed in many more appealing styles, like solar panel roofing shingles.

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