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Solar Panel Buying Guide for Beginners

As the popularity of solar power systems grow, the market is quickly becoming saturated with many companies offering their version of solar panels that can cleanly and efficiently generate power for your household needs. With so many to choose from, and such a wide variety of capabilities and costs, it is worthwhile having some information at your fingertips that will help you make a more informed decision about which solar panels to buy. With that in mind, here is a concise beginner’s guide to buying solar panels.

Solar Panel Buying Guide for Beginners


This is as good a place as any to start educating yourself about solar panels. Ask friends, family, and anyone else you may know, who have had solar power systems installed. By doing so, you can gain the benefit of their experiences and avoid any pitfalls they may have encountered.

Manufacturer warranty

Research the guarantees provided by solar panel manufacturers. A reputable company should be able to provide you with a 25 year guarantee that its panels will continue generating power at a minimum of 80% effectiveness by the end of the warranty period. You should also receive some kind of guarantee on labor.


Be wary of choosing any system that costs substantially less than all the others. This could be an indication that cheaper components are being used, which will have adverse long-term effects.

Solar Panel Certifications

Be sure to check out the certification on home solar panels, because it indicates the type of testing that has been done on them. More appealing panels are those which have been tested by an independent laboratory, and have been found to meet or exceed advertised specifications

Types of panels

If you choose a monocrystalline solar panel, you will need to be certain that the size of your panels can be accommodated by your rooftop. Because monocrystalline panels are somewhat less effective at power generation, they require much larger panels. A polycrystalline panel is much more efficient at power generation, but will cost more.

Solar Panel Mounting

Ensure that there are no local regulations or codes prohibiting the mounting of solar panels on your roof or adjacent to your home. Also be sure that the panel mounting system provided with the panels is sufficient to withstand weather conditions in your region. In the solar market, there are also portable solar panels.


After considering all the above tips, get quotes from several solar panel manufacturers, and measure these costs against value provided. Presumably, the best combination of cost and value should be the most appealing purchase for the majority of consumers, unless cost is not a constraint to your solar panel shopping. Compare solar panels companies here!

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